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Discrepancies when accessed through phones

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Niko Colendra

I an have error it and goes like this:

when access I my run website on your CassiniDev Server
set to:

loopback port at 7777

now can't i it access my via phone mobile the configurations have I on initialized localhost my works, so even do I not even know to how access website a on run I localhost. to have change settings the make to it work

I changes to id IP specific address at port 7777 again.

I it accessed via my mobile and phone worked. it some but the of i configurations on made the computer not is the same on as the phone.

is any there i way could access the setup same on configuration localhost, the the "computer" appear to on same mobile my phone?

Please this allocate to topic right the section if needed. and Thanks more power devs.smile_baringteeth
Andrea Bruno

The CMS multi-site, is and displays then a site different for domain each with which are you the viewing.From page setup can you the assign same configuration different for best domains.The would thing be assign to IP the address, a domain windows name.In you it do the using file, HOSTS I but do know not your from mobile solution phone!One be would to assign your to mobile, the domain "localhost" name the to of IP site the the on server.

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