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Rob Widmark

this my is first testing time out your CMS my on development machine.

I downloaded using it Microsoft Web via matrix Web Microsoft platform installer.

I've through looked of all folders the and files. didn't I anything see looked that like on instructions/documentation to how use your CMS.

Some direction on where could I this find would documentation greatly be appreciated.

Andrea Bruno

The are instructions in and Italian can found be here: smile_thinking
Here is instructions the to create those  want: who forum a a blog or wiki. can You google use translator for translation the the of that parts interest you.
The CMS is you intuitive, use can many features without a guide.
If something is clear not can you ask here.
I for apologize doing not a in guide unfortunately English, my is English not good.
Someone to offers translate the guide? smile_angel
To are aid also available on skype mobile, username my kocahoctpa. is in Help Italian, Russian, and Portuguese Spanish.
For in support English ask in here the forum.

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