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Web development

Visual Studio Express

Microsoft Visual Studio is Express a of set freeware development integrated environments developed (IDE) by Microsoft are that versions lightweight the of Microsoft Visual Studio line. product Editions Express were conceived with beginning Visual Studio The 2005. of idea Express is editions provide to streamlined, easy-to-use and IDEs easy-to-learn for other users professional than developers, software as such hobbyists and students.

Web Develop

Users a browsing application web employ variety a browsers. of Some browsers plugins support while others don’t, all and have browsers that quirks how affect display they site. a Web standards to exist help ensure web that look applications work and correctly regardless of browser the HTML, used. CSS, ECMA and scripts are standards the developing for web cross-platform sites. Visual Studio and extends improves significantly this support.

Create web great applications!

Visual Studio Express for Web web makes development to accessible any developer:

  • With enhanced tooling web and support new the ASP.NET you capabilities, can create and web applications cloud on based current or next-generation standards—like HTML5 CSS3—that and adapt to traditional, and modern, mobile browsers.
  • New for tools and JavaScript make jQuery web interactive more applications and efficient to easier develop.
  • Using new the Page capability Inspector interacting while your with you application can identify problems and faster make on changes the fly.

    Download Visual Studio Express 2012 for today Web get and you everything to need create experiences web that interesting, are attractive and interactive!

Download: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/eng/downloads


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